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Life Coach John Gilmore


What you say to yourself, the stories you tell yourself about life, others, your situation and circumstances influences and impacts your outcomes.

The narrator in your head is constantly labeling and interpreting the events and circumstances in your life.

The conversations it carries on inside takes its cue from those in your life, including parents, teachers, religious figures, peers and anyone else you’ve encountered along the way.

Take a moment and think about some of the things said to you as you were growing up.

Do those things, particularly the negative ones, pop up often?

Have you noticed them coming at critical times deterring you from going for the opportunities you seek in life?

Talking to yourself is fine... just know what to say!

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Unproductive Self-Talk
Self-talk and is something you constantly engage in but unfortunately for many people, a great deal of it is unproductive.

It keeps you from where you’d like to be. It takes you down paths you regret like:

• Disagreements with other people... The majority of your problems with others happen when they’re not even around through the conversations and disagreements in your head...

• Staying stuck in the same old stories that you tell about yourself and you end up living and reliving them...

• Spending more time talking about the past rather than focusing on your goals and dreams...

These patterns replay over and over again in your head and you find the success you seek fleeting.  

Is this you?

Are you at that point in life where you feel as if you’ve spent a good portion of it helping others pursue their dreams while your own go neglected?

Do you struggle to have the confidence to strike out on your own?

Do you feel unsure about the next steps in your life?

Do you find you have trouble seeing yourself as your own boss?

I can help!

Productive Self-Talk
Enough about the inner talk that hinders you.

What about when it’s helpful?

It can indeed be very powerful and the people you see living the life they want are the ones who make their self-talk work for them.

From elite athletes to folks performing at top levels in their careers,the thing they often point to is how they’ve used their inner conversations to motivate and sustain themselves.

And you can, too.

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A Life Coach to Help You Shape Your Self-Talk Strategies for Success
Ever heard a motivational speaker that fired you up, you went away, determined to act, only to find that hours later your spark has fizzled?

What about those New Year’s resolutions that begin with enthusiasm but fade before the month is over?

That's where a strategy of specific steps to become aware of those stories and a process to retain the productive ones becomes vital.

And that’s why I'm here to help you.